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Windows Install Guide

The Handshake software suite consists of a full node (hsd) and a light client (hnsd). The full node allows users to register, update, and transfer names, resolve names, and make blockchain payments. The light client (SPV node) allows users to resolve names without the computing resource requirements of running a full node.

This guide includes instructions for installing hsd and hnsd.

NOTE: the software has not been thoroughly tested on Windows.

hsd Installation Instructions

Install dependencies

Python and Windows Build Tools install:


Note: this assumes you use the C: drive

Set Cygwin Path

Note: if on 32bit machine, just Cygwin above

Run bash

Change to home directory

Download and install hsd

$ git clone git@github.com:handshake-org/hsd.git
$ cd hsd
$ npm pack bsip
$ npm pack mrmr
$ npm pack bcrypto
$ tar -zvxf mrmr*
$ mv package mrmr
$ tar -zxvf bcrypto*
$ mv package bcrypto
$ tar -zxvf bsip*
$ mv package bsip
$ rm *.tgz
$ cd bcrypto
$ cd ..
$ cd bsip
$ cd ..
$ cd bstring
$ cd ..
$ cd bcrypto
$ cd src
$ cd chacha20
$ mv chacha20.c chacha20_2.c
$ mv chacha20.h chacha20_2.h
$ cd ..
$ cd ..
$ npm install --production
$ cd ..
$ mklink /D C:\home C:\Cygwin64\home

open bash again and Start (on testnet)

hnsd Installation Instructions

Download and compile hnsd

Start hnsd

$ ./hnsd.exe --pool-size=1 --rs-host=

Change Windows DNS Settings to point to

See a mistake? Open a pull request.